UPDATE...UPDATE...1 January 2016.....

Okay Classmates the 75/45 is only 4.5 years away!! The way time is rushing by it will be here in the blink of an eye. Please help the planning committe by updating your contact information and taking the 75 Reunion Survey. This can all be done on the 75 Reunion Survey tab on this website. Once we get some opinions we will select dates and events and provide plenty of time to plan and save.  

We updated some items on the memorial (Goodbye My Friend) page. There is still information missing on some of our classmates. If you grew up with these people, have memorial service information, have the obituary, more recent photos or know anything about their life, please contact us via the contact page so we can get their information posted. If you are not a good writer that's okay we can fix it up--just need a starting point.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Class of 1975 40 Year Reunion. It was sure great to see everyone again. As always--wish we had more time to just hang out...  Now it's on to the 45 year Reunion  In addition to the usual dinner and social I think we have something very exiting in the works--so stay tuned!!  The committee is meeting again soon and we will be posting occassionally over the next 5 years so check back frequently--especially the blog page and see what's new.  You can also post a blog yourself you know. 

Some of the upcoming planning items:
1. We will post a short after-reunion report with some thoughts and stats from attendance for your review.

2. We will develop an anonymous poll that you can respond to so we can try to improve our reunion process and develop future reunion ideas.

3. We will use the poll information to develop the next "Save the Date" and get that out soon--on this front page.  So everyone will have a least 4 1/2
years advanced notice!  

4. We don't want to hog the process--we welcome anyone who would like to join the Reunion Committee.  Please send an email to one of the emails on the contact page and we will get you in the loop. 

5. We did everything by donation for this reunion and just almost broke even (-$180.00) so we are very proud of that and good on us. The donation page is open year round.  

THANKS--more later
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 You have found the LUHS Class of 1975 Reunion page.
The LUHS Class of 1975 Planning Committe is designing another great line-up of events and activities planned for you, your family and the friends of 75. 


Our Vision
To provide a memorable and unique 45th reunion experience worthy of the time, effort and expense needed by our classmates to attend.  

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